About Kisii

Kisii is a website dedicated to the discovery of Kisii region, its people, culture, governance, and more. There is an informational gap on the Internet with regard to Kisii and the Gusii people. Most of the information available is scanty and does not answer readers’ questions. With this space, Kisii.co.ke hopes to change that.

Kisii is a region inhabited mostly by the Abagusii people who comprise the Bantu speakers. It is located in the former Nyanza province, neighboring the Kipsigis, the Maasai, and the Luo.

The Gusii people are farmers and this explains why they settled in the highland region. As their main economic activity, most families in the region depend on their land to earn a daily bread. While some grow crops and keep some livestock, others work for others to till land or care for livestock.