July 12, 2024

Discovering Keroka: A Gem in Southwestern Kenya

Keroka, a town located in Kisii County in southwestern Kenya, serves as an important commercial and administrative center within the region. Known for its scenic surroundings and agricultural activities, Keroka is predominantly inhabited by the Gusii community. The town features markets, schools, and healthcare facilities, contributing to its role as a hub for local trade and services. Originating as a social and cultural center during the colonial period, Keroka has rapidly grown into a bustling urban area.

Urban Development and Infrastructure

With a population of close to 30,000 people, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Keroka is set to undergo significant improvements in its social amenities and infrastructure. The Keroka Town Development Plan, adopted in 1971, outlines the construction of around 30 breather alleys and a minimum of six by-passes to enhance connectivity. Although only one new one-kilometer by-pass has been completed, over 10 other access roads have been opened up, easing movement within the town.

Major Road Projects

One of the key infrastructure projects includes a major road straddling the town from Etundubari to Gucha Hospital, marking a significant breakthrough in the area’s development. This road, along with other access ways, is expected to maximize investment opportunities by improving the utilization of the town’s highway and spurring meaningful growth.

Elevation to Municipality Status

Nyamira County is poised for the establishment of a second municipality following the County Assembly’s adoption of a report by an Ad hoc Committee advocating for the elevation of Keroka town. During a special sitting, the county assembly endorsed the report, clearing the path for the formation of Keroka Municipality. This new municipality will encompass five wards: Nyasiongo, Rigoma, Gesima, Gachuba, and Magombo, with its headquarters slated to be at Rigoma market.

Connectivity and Health Facilities

Keroka town is well-connected with improved feeder roads linking to the main National Trunk Road, specifically the Narok-Sotik-Kisii road. Within its boundaries, the new municipality will host 22 government-operated health facilities ranging from levels two to four, alongside six faith-based and private health facilities. These facilities play a crucial role in providing healthcare services to the local population.

Economic Activities and Social Interactions

The area is characterized by over 20 market centers, which significantly contribute to economic activities and foster social interactions among residents within the municipality. According to the report, the five wards boast a combined population of 1,007,922 people, with a monthly revenue base of Sh14 million. This vibrant economic landscape underscores Keroka’s importance as a regional hub.


Keroka is more than just a town; it is a rapidly growing urban center with immense potential for development. From improved infrastructure to the elevation to municipality status, Keroka is set to become a key player in the region’s growth and prosperity. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure, Keroka offers a unique blend of scenic beauty, rich culture, and promising opportunities.

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