July 18, 2024
kisii town opposite uhuru plaza

Seven Interesting Places in Kisii and the Origins of Their Names

1. Bosongo

Bosongo is the original name for Kisii town, derived from “abasongo,” which means white people. This name dates back to the colonial period when white settlers established themselves in the area.

2. Nyambera

Nyambera, a significant area in Kisii town, is known for its burial grounds. The name comes from the word “embera,” meaning grave. Due to the large number of burials there, it naturally earned its name.

3. Daraja Moja

Located near Kisii Polytechnic, Daraja Moja gets its name from the single bridge in the area. “Daraja Moja” is Swahili for “one bridge,” aptly describing this distinctive feature.

4. Nyankoba

Nyankoba’s name originates from the Kisii word “enkoba,” meaning thunder. The area was named so because it was believed that thunder struck there frequently.

5. Manga

Manga is situated in the Ng’enyi location of Kisii County. Its name comes from “emanga,” meaning a hill. The area is surrounded by hills, with Manga Hill being the most prominent.

6. Kabianga

Kabianga holds historical significance from when the Kisii people settled there due to its fertile land. However, as they began to experience illness and livestock deaths, they decided to leave. The name “Kabianga” means “they have refused,” reflecting their decision to abandon the area.

7. Nyamache

Nyamache is located in Kisii County, within the Nyamache district and Nyacheki division. The name comes from the Kisii word “amache,” meaning water, highlighting the area’s natural water sources.

These seven places not only offer fascinating historical insights but also showcase the rich cultural heritage of Kisii. Whether you’re exploring the bustling town of Bosongo or hiking the hills of Manga, each location provides a unique glimpse into the region’s past and present.

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